unlicensed Swedish casino

Is it safe to play at an unlicensed Swedish casino?

The majority of active Swedish players know already that the new Swedish Gaming Act, which forbids casinos from directly operating in the country, was enacted as of 1 January 2019.

So according to government legislation, a casino now needs a valid Swedish gaming license in order to operate on the Swedish market.

Swedish players only have to play in Swedish approved casinos, according to the law. So how about play at an unlicensed Swedish casino.

Players will be “safe” by raising good tax revenues and slowly removing unnecessary competition-at least that’s the strategy we know.

Yet despite all the noise, the truth is that Swedish players cannot register and play in online casinos that don’t hold official casino licenses in the country by any measurements, either criminal or unlawful.

No one can prohibit a Swedish national from registering and on any global site that he or she likes.

Of course, they should not do so blindly and will have to look for well-known brands that have long built their names and have a reputation for treating Swedish players well.

Swedish gaming license

You can play without a Swedish license in a casino

Yes, you can! You can absolutely! Currently, the new legislation targets casinos that do not have a valid Swedish license and there is no law prohibiting Swedish players from accessing non-licensed websites specifically.

Players are allowed, under the rule, to register and play at a casino with no license in Swedeneven if they are on the “auto suspension” list.

Though, it is important to remember that if you play at a licensed casino, different rules apply to an unlicensed operator. The game plan has changed not only for gaming operators since 1 January 2019, but also for us players.

Casino Profit without a License

Although some gaming operators may not operate legally on the Swedish market, players can still benefit from the option of these casinos. Here you will find the most important benefits of playing without a license in casinos.

Unlimited bonuses for the casino

As mentioned earlier, Swedish casinos can only offer one bonus per player under the new rules. This means that after your initial welcome bonus you can no longer enjoy bonuses and offers.

Unlicensed casinos can still offer a range of incentives to their customers, such as VIP packages, free spins, cashbacks and much more.

No time to wait between spins

According to the new rules, manufacturers must restrict spins on slot machines for at least 3 seconds, which may be frustrating for some players used to quick-spinning casino action. Luckily, unlicensed casinos do not have to comply with this regulation so that players who like to play Slots can still play their favorite slots easily.