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How to disconnect yourself from the online casino game?

Online addictions can take many forms. No matter if you lose valuable hours on video streaming sites, online or on social media platforms, there is a fine line between dependence and responsible use.

A change decision will take you in the right direction. Today, however –with omnipresent Internet surfing clicks away from our smartphones-the facts of our online behavior threaten even the most dedicated users.

There are ways to disconnect you from the online casino game.

What can you do if you fight online gambling?

We have found it helpful in our experience to use tools and resources to alter the environment. Such tweaks will support you in moments when your will is small.

How to use privacy to avoid online gambling?

Now that we understand the seriousness of the problem of online gambling, let us explore practical solutions.

It’s not a question of willpower or effort. Many dopamine reward systems are so deep that you might be on websites before you even know what is going on. Unconsciously, desire, behavior and response occur.

One of the best ways to get rid of it

Place additional barriers between yourself and your addiction behaviour. The trend right now is probably to sit on your screen or whip your phone and browse a few seconds later to your gaming website. So go for gambling self-exclusion!

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Quitting online gambling tools and apps

Block sessions repeating

A persistent block session is simply a way to prepare when you cannot access those websites. Think of it as if you were adding a calendar app for an event; you set it up once and repeat it as often as you want.

You can tailor how long block sessions run, whether only in times when you are most likely to play or always.

Get help now

While there seems to be a lot of help for problem gamblers and gambling addicts, in fact it is very hard to find someone to help first.

It takes only one frustrating phone call to an anonymous person at the end of a Gamblers Anonymous line to prevent a child from dropping on the first hurdle.